Do you know how much cyber insurance you really need? We do.

Introducing RiskAware, the easy-to-use tool that measures the total value of your cyber information, and how much you could be fined in the event of a cybersecurity incident. RiskAware is revolutionary. It scans every file across every device and network for every user, pinpointing exactly where your sensitive data lives.
RiskAssure Report

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You don’t need to be a cyber expert to understand the value of your sensitive information

It only takes a few simple clicks to discover how much you should really be paying for cyber liability insurance.

Value of Your Sensitive Information

Easy, simple to understand reports.

RiskAware shows you the total value of your sensitive data in dollars. And it pinpoints where that data lives on your devices — in just minutes. You gain visibility over your entire organization’s cyber risk with accurate, up-to-date reports.

Your cyber information value will allow you to accurately drill down and know where your information concentration resides.

You currently have an estimated $506,368 in sensitive data across 15 devices.

Snapshot from an example report. For a full report example, contact us here.

Every company carries sensitive information. The type and volume of this information directly impacts how much cyber insurance you need.

Being responsible for troves of sensitive information is enough to keep any business owner up at night. It’s even worse when you can’t see what’s there. RiskAware gives you visibility into exactly what you’re storing, and provides recommendations on where to reduce your risk and right-size your cyber insurance rates.



  • Banking data
  • Health data
  • Student data
  • Defense data
  • Federal data
  • Card data
  • SEC data
  • EU data


  • Employee data
  • M&A data
  • IP data
  • Financial data
  • Network data
  • Board data
  • Partner data
  • Supply chain


  • Vendor data
  • Policy
  • Procedures
  • Project
  • Employee activity


  • Everything else
RiskAware Empowering Business Leaders

Small businesses use RiskAware
to be accurate and effective when protecting their businesses from cyber risk. RiskAware empowers business leaders to:

  • Pinpoint their risk to optimize or eliminate it
  • Right-size their cyber insurance coverage
  • Validate security protocol effectiveness
  • Determine necessary training and protection tactics
  • Finally stay on top of their cyber security
  • Continuously monitor for anomalous behavior *
*Continuous monitoring is available with our real-time plan.

Today, the question is no longer if a cyber incident will happen, it’s when and for how much?

22.5 million records a day

records a day

On average 22.5M records a day are lost to data breaches

65% higher cost

higher cost

The average cost of a data breach in healthcare is 65% higher than any other industry

49% of incidents

of incidents

49% of cyber incidents were caused by negligent employees (25%) while 51% were from malicious attacks

70 million records stolen

records stolen

More than 70M records were stolen or leaked in 2018 due to misconfigured cloud storage

*Accreditation: Ponemon, Cost of a Data Breach Report, IBM’s 2021 cost of a data breach, and Verizon’s 2021 data breach investigations report