RiskAware Command Line Installation – Windows

You can install RiskAware via the Windows Command Line. This may be preferable if your organization intends to mass-install RiskAware silently via a group policy-based installation rollout or using automated workflows.

Installing via the Command Line

To prevent the requirement of needing to pass the RiskAware product registration key to the installation wizard with every individual installation, you can use the steps below:
  • Start by opening your Windows Command Line and navigating to the directory where you saved the RiskAware installer MSI file.
  • You can now run the following command in the Windows Command Line to install RiskAware via CLI. Replace “YOURREGISTRATIONKEY” with the registration key you were provided with at https://aware.riskassure.com/downloads
    msiexec /i RiskAwareAgent-22.10.01.msi /qn RA_REGISTRATIONKEY=<yourRegistrationKey>
  • Note: You may need to replace the version number in the above example with the appropriate file name if your version is different.


If you need technical support with RiskAware installations, our team would be happy to help you. Please contact us at support@riskassure.com