No one knows how much cyber insurance they really need, but RiskAssure does. Try it now for free.

SBAM has partnered with RiskAssure to help you better protect your business. If you choose to upgrade to a paid plan, SBAM members get an exclusive discount.
RiskAssure Report

Measuring the value of your sensitive information sets realistic expectations around:

  • How much cyber insurance you actually need (no more “guesstimates”)
  • Building an effective cybersecurity plan
  • What’s at stake in the event of a cybersecurity incident

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What Does RiskAware Do?

What does RiskAware do?

RiskAware is an easy-to-use tool that scans all devices across your company to calculate the total dollar value of your sensitive information. 

How does RiskAware work?

RiskAware scans all of your files, looking for data patterns. It then assigns each found pattern match a risk value in dollars.

All results are safely encrypted on-device, providing you a risk report comprised of:

  • All instances of data patterns
  • The total dollar value of all pattern matches
  • The file location on each device

RiskAware can also pinpoint the exact location of your information, which empowers you to promote good cyber hygiene practices such as eliminating duplicate or irrelevant files.

RiskAware Empowering Business Leaders

Is RiskAware free to use?

RiskAware offers a free version and flexible paid versions so that you only pay for what you need.

You can find detailed information on our pricing sheet.

*SBAM members receive a $2/per device discount.